Maife’s Thoughts


Since Quest is a Pilates Studio, clearly we deal with fitness.  My thought for today is:  why do people exercise?  What makes them “do the thing” you know?  That thing that we call active lifestyle.  Well I can’t certainly answer for everyone, but I can certainly put my reasons out there.

Originally I did it as an outlet, a fun outlet.  After, it became a way to have an income while doing what I loved.  Exercise for a while was even and obsession. Eventually by finding Pilates and even Yoga, fitness became a way of healing.  So, at different points of my life I’ve had different reasons.  And, oh yes, I can’t avoid saying that yes, exercise was a way to stay looking a certain way.

One reason though is behind all of these, the one that I can’t deny, is how I feel because of exercise.  Some days its release what I feel, others is a heighten awareness, others irritation at the fact that I am not doing enough.  I even feel guilty at times because my mind is racing “there are other things you need to be doing!!”  But regardless of how I feel while I am exercising, I always feel glad that I have done it… what about you?


2 responses to “Maife’s Thoughts

  1. Lisa Maki

    I like your philosophy.

    • Thank you so much for your input. Please come to our studio and claim your free mat group class pass: you made the FIRST “comment” to our blog!

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