Maife Lesh, Studio Owner


Maife is one of Columbus, Georgia’s first fully certified Pilates instructors. She began training full time in 1998 and after struggling with a nagging knee issue for over a year, she began to dig into what type of exercises she could do without causing injury. Her research led her to STOTT PILATES.  She opened her first Pilates studio in 2002 and re-adjusted her schedule after her first of four children was born.  In 2008, she opened the doors to Quest Pilates Studio which was the first fully-staffed and equipped Pilates studio in Columbus. Maife currently specializes in Injury and Special Population clients. She also trained all of Quest’s Pilates instructors through in-house apprenticeships in order to prepare them for the STOTT PILATES certification program.

Her passion is fueled by the healing process of neuro-kinetic training using STOTT PILATES and her method of re-training the mind and body that she has developed over her 20 years in the fitness industry.

  • STOTT PILATES – Fully Certified
  • STOTT Zenga, Level 1
  • Aerobics – AFAA
  • Personal Trainer – AFAA, ACSM

Becca Snider started her apprenticeship at Quest in November 2008. She began doing Pilates as a way to strengthen her core and develop a stronger body, so she could continue to lift and carry her growing special needs son, Luke. She noticed the similar purpose in movement of his physical therapy and her pilates training. She became a Level 1 STOTT PILATES certified trainer in April 2011. She went on to become core certified through STOTT PILATES, as well as taking the injury and special populations training. She became Level 2 STOTT PILATES certified in 2014. At Quest Studio, Becca teaches private Pilates instruction as well as small and large group training. She loves to see her clients grow personally through fitness as they become physically stronger . Becca believes it’s never too late to start, no matter the individual circumstances.


Christy Hames has been a part of the fitness world from an early age. Being actively involved in basketball, volleyball and running, she knew she wanted her career to revolve around the education of physical activity. She graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Science and Wellness from Georgia Southwestern State University. After graduating from high school with numerous sporting accolades, as well as being voted an all American volleyball player in college, Christy knew her heart was in the right place. She became a Level 1 STOTT PILATES certified trainer in April 2011 as well as a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) personal trainer. At Quest Studio, Christy teaches private Pilates instruction, as well as small and large group training. She believes that motivation and accountability are everyone’s discipline for exercising. She strives to instill in her clients the understanding that each individual’s goals are lifelong, and help them understand what is personally important to their fitness needs.

Leigh Ann Bridges‘ love of movement started at a young age when she was kicked out of dance classes for doing cartwheels and somersaults instead of kick-ball chains.  She was a gymnast and cheerleader for most of her young life.  She graduated from Columbus State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary English Education and taught high school English for several years before she dedicated her time to raising her four children.  In 2009, she was introduced to Pilates by Becca Snider as a practice body for Becca’s training.  In 2011, Leigh Ann began taking the STOTT PILATES Intensive courses to become a trainer herself.  Leigh Ann has been a Level  1 STOTT PILATES trainer since 2015.  She loves to help her clients feel better through proper movement and continues to educate through the STOTT PILATES platform.

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Matt Snider  has been involved in the fitness industry for twenty years. He began his service in the military with the army  in the special operations area. He spent time as a fitness instructor at Ranger school. He then served as a police officer, and during that time was responsible for physically training and preparing recruits for the police academy. Matt also spent four years in Iraq as a civilian contractor in the personal protection field. Since starting personal training at Quest in 2013, he has specialized in kettle bells, and also has certification in the TRX suspension training. At Quest Studio, Matt teaches small and large group classes for strength training and cardio, as well as TRX classes. He also does individual personal training and was Yoga certified in 2016 by White Lotus in California and has completed the STOTT PILATES training in 2018. Matt likes to use unconventional tools, such as kettle bells, battle ropes and sandbags to help attain strength and conditioning, as well as using traditional methods. He feels that functional fitness is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

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Heather Simmons  started working at Quest in 2013 as the  office administrator . After helping  a new trainer achieve her practice teaching hours, Heather  fell in love with how Pilates helped her body to move with ease, and her mind to become peaceful. In 2015 she decided to pursue her STOTT PILATES instructor certification.  She became a level 1 STOTT PILATES instructor in 2018 and has been teaching private sessions and small group classes at Quest for 3 years. Heather enjoys teaching her clients  about the mind/body connection,  and showing them that Pilates is for everyone.

Meg Douglass   has always led an active lifestyle. She played tennis in middle and high school and began running in college to manage the stress of academics at Auburn University.  After working in the field of Public Health for 5 years upon completion of graduation, she stayed home with her two sons until 2015. Upon completion of Level 1 STOTT PILATES certification in 2018, she’s been teaching mat class as well as private sessions.
She finds teaching Pilates fun and challenging and truly enjoys working with clients.  For her, it’s rewarding to see progress and overall health of her clients improve.  
Outside the studio, she loves spending time with her husband and children, athletic training and pottery.  

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