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heather editHeather Simmons has been with Quest Pilates Studio since 2013. She is responsible for Administration and Client Services.

0fa476e1d5d44ffb8197b2fe01f789bca91e8201Becca Snider started her apprenticeship at Quest in November 2008. She began doing pilates as a way to strengthen her core and develop a stronger body, so she could continue to lift and carry her growing special needs son, Luke. She noticed the similar purpose in movement of his physical therapy and her pilates training. She became a Level 1 Stott Pilates certified trainer in April 2011. She went on to become core certified through Stott Pilates as well as taking the injury and special populations training. She is now in the process of becoming Level 2 Stott Pilates certified. At Quest Studio, Becca teaches private pilates instruction as well as small and large group training. She loves to see her clients grow personally through fitness as they become physically stronger . Becca believes it’s never too late to start, no matter the individual circumstances.

b713b8e6333b59395e7f2e1bbeca6a7a279c25aeChristy Hames has been a part of the fitness world from an early age. Being actively involved in basketball, volleyball and running, she knew she wanted her career to revolve around the education of physical activity. She graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Science and Wellness from Georgia Southwestern State University. After graduating from high school with numerous sporting accolades, as well as being voted an all American volleyball player in college, Christy knew her heart was in the right place. She became a Level 1 Stott Pilates certified trainer in April 2011 as well as a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) personal trainer. At Quest Studio, Christy teaches private pilates instruction, as well as small and large group training. She believes that motivation and accountability are everyone’s discipline for exercising. She strives to instill in her clients the understanding that each individual’s goals are lifelong, and help them understand what is personally important to their fitness needs.

lisa croppesLisa Maki received a Bachelor of Landscape and Architecture/Golf Course Design from the University of Guelph, in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. She went on to found and operate her own Golf Course Design firm, and served as CEO of a Golf Course Construction company that built courses in 26 states and 3 countries. Lisa’s golf career enabled her to practice pilates in 3 countries and several states. She has specialized Stott Golf Training in mat work for golf, and golf conditioning on the reformer. Lisa is Stott Pilates trained in Intensive Mat Plus, Intensive Reformer and injuries and special populations. She is currently obtaining Cadillac Chair training. At Quest Studio, Lisa teaches private pilates instruction as well as group classes. She believes that anyone, no matter what age or fitness level, can benefit from pilates.


matt editMatt Snider is the newest member of the Quest team. He has been involved in the fitness industry for twenty years. He began his service in the military with the army , in the special operations area. He spent time as a fitness instructor at Ranger school. He then served as a police officer, and during that time was responsible for physically training and preparing recruits for the police academy. Matt also spent four years in Iraq as a civilian contractor in the personal protection field. Since starting personal training, he has specialized in kettle bells, and also has certification in the TRX suspension training. At Quest Studio, Matt teaches small and large group classes for strength training and cardio, as well as TRX classes. He also does individual personal training. Matt likes to use unconventional tools, such as kettle bells, battle ropes and sandbags to help attain strength and conditioning, as well as using traditional methods. He feels that functional fitness is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

 BioPicRachel Torres has her 200 hour yoga teacher certification from Yoga East in Louisville KY, an Ashtanga based school. She has specialization in yoga for PTSD and has worked with veterans at the VA hospital in Louisville and with the Wounded Warrior Project. She has studied with Laura Spaulding, Lucy Cimini, Ramadan Patel, David Swenson, Douglas Keller, Sadie Nardini and Francois Raoult, and will always continue her studies in order to share with her students: yoga, which offers practical ways to be happy, fit, and calm, letting what no longer serves you fall away and make room for your most authentic Self. Ms. Torres is also certified to teach self defense, through the Pressure Point Control Tactics system, which she learned at the Allegheny Police Academy in Pittsburg.



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