Sale on Class Packages!

We are excited to share our new class schedule which more than triples the number of classes we offer, and expands the types of classes offered. For those of you who have asked, we are offering two reformer classes – one Pilates Essential class and another more challenging Power Pilates class. This new schedule will take effect the first week of February.

To get y’all as excited as we are, we are offering a huge sale If you purchase a 4 or 10-pack, or sign up for an Unlimited Class Package by February 7, 2020. Below are the discounts:

  • 4-Pack – valid for 30 days – $69 on sale for $45
  • 10-Pack – valid for 90 days – $149 on sale for $95
  • Monthly Unlimited (Auto-renew for 6 months) – $159 on sale for $100 (first month)
  • Monthly Unlimited (No Commitment) – $189 on sale for $125 (first month)

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